About DCS


 At DCS you can expect the highest standards of quality control for Detroit Diesel ECM programming, repair, and testing services. Your engine’s performance starts with the engine control module and extends out to all of its sensors, solenoids and its fuel injectors. The engine’s model and camshafts must also be considered. All of these components need to be well understood and it’s all important. Just one rubbed though wire or one wrong parameter in the ECM program can cost thousands of dollars in fuel or even bring the whole truck down.  Diesel Control Service is here to help find ECM problems and offer guidance with the rest of the engine’s control system. 


When I started work in the heavy duty high performance diesel engine industry in 2007 I found expansive mechanical knowledge but there was a lack of electrical and computer based knowledge. The company I worked for was known as Diesel Injection of Pittsburgh and would later become nationally known as Pittsburgh Power Inc.  I have personally diagnosed, repaired, and programmed over 1,700 engine control modules (ECMs). I’ve lead Pittsburgh Power’s engineering team with further engine and ECM based product development and in 2013 I started work on Pittsburgh Power’s chassis dynamometer based federal emissions compliance program. In late 2014 I started the engine test cell emissions program that was used to verify compliance with several high performance ECM programs. I was also a featured speaker at an annual Owner-Operator seminar for five years and have been to every Mid America Trucking Show event since 2007. In the spring of 2015 Pittsburgh Power and I went our separate ways. Despite this I remain committed to the industry and look forward to continuing my work.

– Fernando DeMoura, President of Diesel Control Service.

I look forward to helping you love your electronic engine.

Before sending in any ECMs for service or purchasing an ECM from DCS please click on the link below to review our Service and Warranty Agreements

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